"Maybe I'm scared because you mean more to me than any other person.
You are everything I think about,everything I want.."


"It's 6 a.m and I want to be lying next to you,
 with our hands locked together and our legs interwined....
I want your face buried in my neck...
 and I want to listen to your breathing....
I want you to wake up and tell me;
 'I'm so tired' 
because I want to whisper;  
'go back to sleep'
And I want to hold you tighter when you do..
I want to lie in bed alone with you..
 in the comforting quiet of the early morning hours,
 and maybe read a book while you sleep...
I want to be simple with you.. 
and I want to be whatever you need me to be"

(It's almost 4 a.m and I can't sleep.. or stop thinking about you...)